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Healthy Coat is a sign of Good Health

The fur coat on cats and dogs plays a very important role. It protects them from the harmful elements in the environment from entering their bodies. Hence, it is highly encouraged to groom your pets regularly so that you will be able to spot signs of your pets' health conditions.

  1. Dull coat - pet’s coat should be shiny, hence a dull coat could mean your pet is not getting the right nutrition as cats and dogs fur contains protein.

  2. Dry skin or fur - if you spot flakes, it could be due to improper washing or drying technique. It may be accompanied with a musky or foul smell.

  3. Lumps - although some lumps are harmless, it is good to give it a check especially if it is red, swelling, growing and has pus.

  4. Matted Fur - this can happen easily if your pet’s fur is not regularly brushed. The tangled fur will also prevent oxygen and moisture from reaching its skin. Parasites also tend to breed on matted fur.

  5. Excessive shedding - it is absolutely normal for most breeds to shed, however excessive shedding could be signs of stress, allergy, poor nutrition or other medical problems.

  6. Bald spots - it could be a sign of allergy, presence of fleas, mites or mange, could also be hair loss disease.

  7. Open sores - can be caused by bacterial or fungal infection. It is highly recommended to get your pet check immediately to rule out disease or other serious skin conditions.

As you can summarise from the above, your pet will need a change of diet to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs, and a strong immune system to fight off infections and infestation.

To get back the healthy, shiny and lustrous coat, we highly recommend daily intake of CAHO Nucleotide which has proven to improve both cat’s and dog’s coat in just 7 days. Your pet will also gain other benefits such as an improved digestive system and improved nutrients absorption. Consuming CAHO Nucleotide before the onset of any illness may help to prevent or help your pet recover faster when it happens.

CAHO Nucleotide is a natural hydrolysed yeast supplement which helps to support skin and coat health by providing the building blocks required for repair and growth of skin cells. It is safe to consume together with probiotics. Click here to read CAHO Nucleotide frequently asked questions.

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