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Co-founders were directly involved in poultry agriculture and animal feed production and distribution since the 1970s in Singapore. Incorporating similar value with like-minded business people, CAHO was established in 2018 for animal feed trading and distribution with the objective of benefitting the health of farm animals. ‘We must be mindful of what we feed them (farm animals), when they are healthy, we (humans) receive positive sustenance.’

The company branches out in trading of human food with sourcing requests from industry buyers due to the company’s credibility. ‘The philosophy of providing animal with good health naturally spillover to human health.’ With parallel experiences in the food trade, CAHO started the human food and supplements portfolio in 2019.

Currently, CAHO is focused on developing and manufacturing of companion animals health supplements. Also, partnering with big brands in regional distribution of animal products; using it as a success story in helping brands grow in Asia region.


The Company will seek to serve customers with products and services that are based on a Caring and Holistic philosophical approach to their needs. We take an extra step by going beyond holistic as our products R&D are backed up by scientific papers. This approach we believe will assist Caho Pharma to grow into inter-regional markets from the Singapore base.  We always acknowledge that our growth as a Company will be dependent on the trust and good will  extended to us by our customers; we will therefore do all to ensure that we never break that trust.


In using our rich and diverse experiences in animal health and food distribution in providing the best for our customers.


CAHO Pharma Ltd employs a virtue-based ethical approach in the course of all business dealings; in essence, this means the Company will preferentially seek to do the right things, at the right time, for customers and employees alike.  This virtue-based ethical approach applies equally to the products & services offered by Company and to potential environmental impacts that the maybe caused as a result of business activities.

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