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CAHO Nucleotide

Gut health means great health!

New age supplement proven to support and renew your pet’s gut system & overall cell renewal.


A natural yeast cell derivative containing yeast cell wall & cell contents. Cell contents contain high amount of nucleotides which are released during the autolysing process. This process is the replication of DNA and transcription of RNA during rapid cell division processes and regeneration. Nucleotide also provide cellular energy sources and are incolved in many metabolic roles.

In other words:

Nucleotide regenerates good cells for faster body recovery.


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"Veterinarian formulated and reviewed natural supplement to improve your pet's cell repair and regeneration"






Charcoal has been on CAHO Nucleotide for over 8 months. It has helped him to stop vomiting and improved his stool consistency. His coat is also shiny and smooth.

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Usually they are picky eaters and also won't eat at unfamiliar places. But when mamaw took the CAHO packet out and shook it...they both were alerted and came forward for dinner with CAHO supplement sprinkled over it. 



Initially, Clover had kennel cough due to change of environment. She recovered after medication but the coughing came back 3 days later. Instead of feeding her more medication we fed her CAHO Nucleotide and I was surprised it worked!



Loki is a picky eater but when we sprinkle CAHO Nucleotide, he will finish the whole bowl! He also tends to have soft stool issue but it has improved alot after feeding him CAHO Nucleotide. Definitely will recommend to all pawrents to try it!

Credit justdessertscrew.jpeg


Pudding usually has the occasional diarrhea and he’s the most likely one to puke in the house. So I've been giving him CAHO Nucleotide for the past few weeks and there has not been a diarrhoea or puking accident since!

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