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Many cats and dogs have benefited from CAHO supplements. Here's what their pawparents said.



Charcoal has been on Nucleotide for over 8 months. When he was younger, he used to vomit.. Sometimes it’s just liquid. After taking @cahopets Nucleotide, the amount of vomiting has reduced. Now, he doesn’t even vomit at all. His coat has remained shiny and smooth. I even stopped feeding as much fish oil as I used to. All that aside, his stools have been consistent semi solid mix soft stool-ish.



Kaya's joint health is also super important. To strengthen & maintain her mobility, we send her for regular physio and top-up her nutrients with CAHO Agility+.

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Almost finishing up my CAHO Immuboost Colostrum Milk. Improves digestive health and promotes vitality! I’m almost 5, need to stay strong to keep up with my human siblings.



Initially, Clover had kennel cough due to change of environment, direct fan/ AC or getting overly excited. She recovered after some medication from the vet but the coughing came back 3 days later. Instead of feeding her more medication we fed her CAHO Nucleotide and I was surprised it worked!

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Usually they are picky eaters and also won't eat at unfamiliar places. But when mamaw took the CAHO Nucleotide packet out and shook it...they both were alerted and came forward for dinner with CAHO supplement sprinkled over it.



We’re SURPRISED! Loki actually accepted it straight away, he is one of the picky eaters here. Sometimes we would add probiotics and he won’t eat his food.. But this, OMG! he finished the whole bowl, really is high palatability! 💪🏼


Loki tends to have soft stool issues especially when he eats fish based canned food or eats too much. His ending poo will be soft 💩 but it has improved alot after feeding him CAHO Nucleotide.


Definitely will recommend to all pawrents to try it! 💪🏼🐾🧡

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So I got a sample of CAHO Nucleotide from @cahopets and I’m IMPRESSED! 


Pudding usually has the occasional diarrhoea and he’s the most likely to puke in the house. So i’ve been giving him this for the past few weeks and there has not been a diarrhoea or puking accident since. 


I have tried another brand before and it wasn’t too bad but I do remember he still had a puking incident.



After adding CAHO Nucleotide to our furkids meal for a week, I noticed Croissant's poop seems to be more solid. While Latte just enjoys eating them. Guess the supplement must be delicious for both my furkids:)



We have finished up the sample box of CAHO Nucleotide after using it close to a month! It improves my poop although I still get slightly soft poop when I eat fatter proteins. I have also gained weight even though the portion for my meals remain the same! Hooman is happy. She doesn’t like me too skinny!

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