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Inactive pets: why & how to help?


Keeping your cats & dogs ACTIVE mentally is just as important. We had a talk with canine behavioural practitioner, Jacky, of @hopefordogscaninetraining and highlighted the crucial element of ‘allowing your dog sniff to pick my scents that will stimulate their brain activity- walking (them) is about them.’

As highlighted above, walks do not just ensure caloric exercises but also help your dog gets stimulated mentally. Ensure your pet’s body & brain remain active with sniffing during walks, plays at home eg Fetch or even create creative activities such as hiding small portions of treats in different locations of the house. Some food treats puzzles & toys are good ways in encouraging problem-solving. Providing cat toys such as feather wands promotes natural stalking behaviour.

Teaching your pet a new trick such as fetching their favourite toy for a treat reward is a great mental & physical workout for them. Such play time also strengthens your bond and will improve their emotional well-being.


Too much food & treats can be dangerous for their health. “Pet obesity has become an epidemic with more than 50% of dogs and cats in the United States overweight or obese. Excess weight can decrease your pet’s life span by two years or more and increase the chances they will develop arthritis, stiff joints, and other health problems including diabetes.”

Keeping them happy is not about pleasing them with treats and sharing the food off your plates. Keeping a good nutrition and engaging in an active lifestyle will help ensure they maintain a healthy weight. Remember: A healthy pet is a happy pet!


Veterinary formulated supplements have resulted in pets living healthier & longer due to the advances in health studies & researches. Some supplements are developed to improve vitality through supporting the immune system and some are targeted for improvement of cardiovascular function.

Joint supplements targeting at the structural components of joints such as joint fluids, cartilages, synovial membrane and bone will benefit pets greatly by:

· Increasing joint mobility especially of senior pets

· Decreasing incidence of osteoarthritis

· Improving muscle tone

Most veterinarians would suggest early care wrt joint health even though your adult or senior pets are healthy. Maintaining their joints at an early age will eliminate pain and immobility as they age.

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