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Pets' Immune system

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Like us humans, cats & dogs possess a system of defence against pathogens (bacteria & viruses) known as the immune system. The immune system is complex but we can sum up its functions as recognition of foreign substances and protection from foreign invaders such as infectious diseases. Hence this protective system is always on guard to produce immune response.

Immune-mediated diseases are disorders in which the immune reaction mounted in the body is actually more harmful to the body. This explains allergic reactions to food, drugs, vaccines or allergen that some cats & dogs are suffering from.

Researches have found out that 70% of pets’ immunity is located at the gut to build a defence system against pathogens usually associated with food eg Salmonella, E coli.Hence having strong intestinal linings will help protect the gut from invasion of bad bacteria.

Quoted from veterinarian Dr. Donna Raditic via PetMD, “the canine immune system also acts as a watchdog for proper cell function. In the event cells turn unhealthy, or function irregularly, the immune system will work to return the body to a healthy homeostasis. When the immune system is not operating at maximum capacity, the body is defenseless against environmental toxins, illness, chronic disease, and even cancer. Additionally, a weak immune system tends to have a snowball effect of sickness. Every toxin that breaks through your dog's immune system, makes your dog less able to fight illness.” You can learn more on canine immune system responses from MSD Manual Veterinary Manual at the following link

Are there ways to boost the immunity of my pet? The answer is yes and veterinarians agree that certain supplements may increase effectiveness of the immune system. For example, immune mediators found in colostrum milk can prevent or resolve infection. Gut health related supplements help in strengthening the intestinal wall and its responses against pathogens. Recent clinical trials have found that antioxidant supplementation can significantly improve certain immune responses. Specifically, supplementation with vitamins C, E, and A or beta-carotene. We know how important the immunity system is and as such CAHO range of natural supplements are deeply researched and developed to help strengthen pets’ immunity.

CAHO Immuboost Colostrum Milk as the name suggests is rich in boosting the immunity with the following ingredients found in the product.

Colostrum milk: naturally contains high amount of immune mediators; bioactive compounds that prevent or resolve infection by helping to modulate and promote host immune responses.

Vitamin E: an anti-oxidant ie helps your pet’s defenses against oxidative damage. Also a fat-soluble vitamin which is essential for cell function.

Vitamin A: supports immune function & cell function.

Beta carotene: a powerful antioxidant and immune modulator.

Selenium: a microelement which serves antioxidant function.

Probiotics: support healthy gut microflora growth; where the strength of your pet’s immune system is dependent upon the state of their gut health. CAHO Nucleotide

Provides dietary source of nucleotides to maintain and support intestinal wall integrity. Renews and regenerates overall cell in the body which directly supports activation of immune system.

CAHO Agility+ with some active ingredients that not only help maintain and support joint health but proves to be great immunity system support.

Omega 3: fatty acids in green-lipped mussels helps in inflammatory response

Curcumin: has high anti-inflammation properties and affects immune cells that fight against immune system-related diseases.

β- glucans 1,3/ 1,6 are important structural elements of the cell wall which is essentially known for their immune-modulating effects

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