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WHAT & How Much to feed our pets?

We live in an age where convenience precedes quality with respect to food & nutrition.

This situation, in health terms, is compounded by the fact that we live in a polluted environment that further impacts on our ability to gain and process the nutriments required for a healthy productive live. It has become necessary to provide our pets, of any age, with those supplementary nutriments essential to achieving the levels of health and happiness that owners want. In essence, food is a basic supply necessity, however, the current quality of widely available of ultra-processed commercial offerings leaves much to be desired.

Given the background of environmental factors and the universal availability of low quality ultra-processed animal food it has become vitally important that food are carefully selected and controlled to ensure that health issues led by poor diets are not manifested over time.

Just as it is a common practice for people to take supplements to boost our quality of life, the same applies equally to our pets. Hence, essential nutriment levels can be maintained by feeding formulated, high palatability supplements to pets throughout their life stages CAHO supplements will boost your pet’s immunity, help prevent illness and assist in recovery. And when taken appropriately and daily, will help to ensure your pets maintains the quality of life it needs.

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