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CAHO Agility+, no fillers & bulkers- all Pure ingredients

Facts of CAHO Agility+:

  • Highest purity ingredients

  • Vet recommended ingredients & dosage

  • Vet formulated for optimum joint health

  • Suitable for long-term administration

  • No fillers or bulkers, just pure ingredients

  • Easy to feed, pull-out capsules

  • No side effects

CAHO Agility+ #cahoagility, contains 10 key active ingredients, formulated at the optimum ratio to protect joint health of dogs, by targeting different structural components of the joints. Fortified with 4 EXTRA NATURAL ingredients such as curcumin and green-lipped mussels #greenlippedmussels, it is the most comprehensive joint supplement till date. CAHO Agility+ provides all-round protection for joint health #jointhealth, helping our dogs’ long-term mobility, supporting pain-free joints issues and thus improving their quality of life.

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