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Know your ingredients in colostrum milk

What is Colostrum milk? Known as 'the early milk', it is rich in essential amino acids and the protein building blocks essential for growth. It also contains the proteins that convey immunity to some infections from mother to young. For a short period after birth, proteins can be absorbed from the intestines of neonates without digestion. This helps greatly in increasing the young mammal's immunity.

Most importantly, colostrum milk contains immunoglobulin ie antibodies. For young mammals, high amount of IgG1, IgG2, IgGA and IgGM are needed for growth and protection. *Always check for Ig contents on ingredient labels for colostrum milk base products.

Colostrum milk also contains:

🥛 Immune mediators: Are bioactive compounds that prevent or resolve infection by helping to modulate and promote the host immune response.

🥛 Growth factors: Helps in stimulating cell growth, differentiation and wound healing.

🥛 Immune active proteins: Lactoferrins, lactoperoxidase and lysozyme which have direct antimicrobial properties to prevent gut pathogen growth.

CAHO Immuboost is packed with all the natural goodness of colostrum milk that your pets will benefit from. It is also made with naturally derived ingredients making it safe for long term consumption. The continuation of consuming CAHO ImmuBoost Colostrum Milk for adult cats and dogs is highly recommended for good health and vitality.

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