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CAHO, a Singapore-based company which specialises in animals and pets wellness supplements. We are driving  research effort to provide you with products and treatments that will enhance the health and wellbeing of your pets.


The Company has roots that stretch back more than 40 years to the time our founders first became involved in the poultry farming and animal nutrition business; the most well-known of these businesses, Chew’s Agriculture & Egg Farm, gained a regional reputation for service and quality. Animal care and quality formed the basis of the business ethos held by the founders. The application of this ethos led to business success and, in turn, laid the foundations for CAHO Pharma’s holistic approach to the market; a place where customers, products and services are one and indivisible.



Immuboost 280g.tiff

The first colostrum milk powder formula for dogs & cats! High in amount of  IMMUNE MEDIATORS which enhance immunity, reduce virus infection and improve overall health in VARIOUS STAGES of your pet’s life. Also enriched with probiotics to improve gut microflora growth of your pet.

“Since the day Tom was rescued by his kind hearted momma, he was diagnosed with diabetes and would have bouts of IBD despite eating a lot. Thanks to CAHO Immuboost Colostrum milk and a change of diet, there are lesser bouts of run-in to the litter box. @littlekatskat, Singapore

“This little chubster was around 5 weeks old when she was recused and she has grown hale and hearty after consuming CAHO Immuboost Colostrum milk sponsored by CAHO.” @asdsingapore

Nucleotide pets dogs cats.jpg

The first natural dietary nucleotide supplements proven to support development and integrity of intestinal tissues. It also accelerates cell division, cell regeneration and cell repair. CAHO Nucleotide is designed to support your pet’s defenses and improve overall vitality, especially during high physiological stress

“We have been trying this supplement out for 2 weeks and I’m glad to say that both their appetites have improved while on this and we are seeing lesser and lesser episodes of fussiness! The have also been free from any bouts of intestinal upsets and diarrheao.” Owner of Jobi & Furbi the cats.“

“Jie Jie’s poop is getting better these days, highly recommend CAHO Nucleotide to help with her gut health. She’s been having diarrhoea issues and this really helps.” Dog-owner,  Ms W. Q. Fan, owner of Peaches the dog


CAHO Agility+ maintains joint health and improve their mobility.
It contains 10 key active ingredients which provide potent cartilage protective, anti-inflammatory and pain-relief support for your dear pets.

"Kaya's joint health is also super important. To strengthen & maintain her mobility, we send her for regular physio and top-up her nutrients with CAHO Agility+."


"I liked that it is easy to add into her meals for feeding. No side effects and good for her joint maintenance"


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